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We merge innovation and technology to help company grow in the age of digital transformation

About Us

Our company overview, our hopes, our dreams
PT Reka Multi Aptika is a modern information technology (IT Industry) company that prioritizes innovation and the application of today's technology in meeting all system needs both inside and outside the company.

We uphold consistency and initiative in understanding today's technological innovations and their relationship to a technological solution that can simplify the process of modern life and business opportunities both materially and non-materially.

We invite young professionals and creative individuals to move together towards our company's vision and mission, which is to create a modern technology industry that is useful for a broad and innovative business market.


We hold responsibilites of the information system and technology of our company partners and clients

Tech Development

Development of our tech meets the requirement of the company

Infrastructure Management

The foundation of the infrastructure affects the quality

Digital Transformation

Transformation to the digital modern era

Business Development

Development of the business to achieve certain targets

Our Group Company

PT Galad Koin Indonesia
PT Global Game Internusa

PT Galad Koin Indonesia

Cryptocurrency Exchange
Crypto Exchange company based in Jakarta, Indonesia
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PT Global Game Internusa

Game Development
Game development company providing great game concept and technology
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